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BoxSmart to run non-contact Boxing award to Mencap youngsters

BoxSmart are pleased to announce that we will be running a 8 week non contact boxing award with some of the young people from the Watford Mencap Group.

This program is nationally recognised and certified by the Amateur Boxing Association. This award is designed to increase fitness, co ordination and build basic boxing skills in a non contact fun environment. The boxing skills that will be taught include, stance, defences, jab and foot movement.

This awards are also designed to increase confidence and empower the young people to lead and communicate effective whilst instructing their peers under supervisor from the Boxing Tutors.
Students that pass the assessment at the end of the course will be the first disabled young people in the United Kingdom to be awarded this certificate.

The course will start on the 20th January 2010, and run over eight 45 minute sessions.
BoxSmart aim is to promote health, well being & social inclusion through sport.

To find out more about our courses or if you have any other questions please visit /http://www.boxing-classes.net or call 0208 144 4634.

Please note: BoxSmart Coaches are Amateur Boxing Association (ABA) Certified Boxing Tutors, CRB cleared, first aid trained & insured

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