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Entering the Gloves Boxing Club is like stepping back in time, back to the 40’s and 50’s when boxing was known as the ‘sweet science’, when both boxing gyms and trainers provided a complete education. 

Students of this nobel art could expect to be put through a 4 year apprenticeship in order to master the necessary skills to excel in this sport. Back in the day these old school trainers knew how to develop balance, timing, speed and power along with mental skills such as courage and discipline -  all the attributes the boxer needed to be able to face their fears and control their anger.

This education extended beyond the gym. Trainers understood the importance of good diet, adequate sleep and that a varied, motivational exercise program is essential to avoid injury.  In modern day terminology, the old school trainer provided a holistic approach. To the boxers, they were more than just personal trainers, they were nutritionists, sports psychologists and life coaches.

The Gloves coaching system has been created in accordance with these ‘old school values’.  Each Gloves coach has a great understanding of the natural laws in movement. You can choose between developing the smooth moves and whipcord conditioning of a pro boxer through strength and conditioning such as old school running, lifting techniques and bodyweight techniques without even throwing a single punch, or develop the old school fundamentals of boxing and test your skills in the ring and train for your first bout.  This is your journey and we are here to ensure that it is a safe and enjoyable one.


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