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Jump for Joy at Good Vibes

If you can’t fit in your cardio between your Power Plate sessions now way, no how -  then why not train with us for 25 minute personal training resistance and cardio session.  We’ll take you through the paces with our winning combination of alternating exercises on the Power Plate and jumping for joy on the mini-trampoline.  The Power Plate gets you super fast results in super quick time and the trampoline burns as many calories as jogging  – add them together and it’s calorie murder!

Who is it good for? Those who want to combine cardio and toning session in one super boosted session– add this as one of your 3 Power Plate sessions and burn those calories baby!

Clients on the PowerPlining sessions have seen a-maz-ing results. But more importantly they’ve left us with a huge smile on their face!

Available at the Covent Garden studio at 7pm on Thursday’s.

Price: Single £20 / 10 for £150

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