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Lovely Legs and Buble Butts
If you want toned sexy legs and a higher firmer butt…step this way

The Good Vibes “Lovely Legs and Bubble Butts” program has been specially designed to tone up your legs and kick your butt into shape in time for summer.

The Good Vibes trainers have put together their best killer moves for legs and bums . . .  and it works!  

The sessions are held 3 times a week at times to suit you. We pre-book all of your sessions so that you will always get your preferred time and won’t have to worry about missing any.

Embrace your inner Kylie -  gold hot pants here we come….

The Lovely Legs and Bubble Butt course consists of 15 sessions over 5 weeks for only £270. Make that booty call: 020 7240 6111

Or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

For more information on Good Vibes or other courses we are currently running please see www.goodvibesfitness.co.uk

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