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25 minutes is all it takes!

We all need to work out but where’s the time? The 25 minute Power-Plate work out caused a storm in 2008, with celebrity followers such as Madonna, Elle McPherson, Kylie and Danni Minogue all stepping up to the plate. Now Good Vibes Power Plate studios have developed classes to get even better results and in super quick time. Here are just a few ideas for 2009:

Super Speed classes
Good Vibes have combined the toning effect of the Plates and the calorie busting effects of a cardio session into one fast and furious 25 minute session. The Power Plate activates almost 100% of your muscle fibres, in a fraction of the time it takes in conventional training. There will be fast, dynamic, explosive movements on the Plate to really pull your body into shape.  Burns between 200-300 calories!
Tuesday and Thursday at 7pm at Covent Garden, Liverpool Street studios and Fitzrovia (Tues 6.30pm)
Who is it good for? Those who want a fast paced class combining cardio and toning in one handy package.
Price: £20 for a single class or £150 for block of 10 / £350 for block of 25

Circuit classes
If you are looking for a step up your training mix it up with the new Good Vibes circuit classes. Fast 25 minute classes run through combinations of exercises both on and off the Power Plate to get the most out of your time, tone muscle, improve fitness and burn the fat. Each station lasts for just 45 seconds so you can give it your all, you’ll leave on a high and will remember us the next morning!

Wednesday at 7.30pm Covent Garden

Who is it good for? Those who want a fun class with more people to keep you motivated

Price: £20 for a single class or £150 for block of 10 / £350 for block of 25

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