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With over 500 gyms currently open, the London gym industry is booming. This page is dedicated to all news related to gyms and health clubs in London.

Top tips to achieve your fitness goals in 2011

If you're just starting out at the gym, it's easy to fall into bad habits. To help you out, we've created this handy guide to help you achieve all of your fitness goals for the coming year.

New London Personal Trainer service launched


  • Stressed out at work?
  • Looking to create a more productive working environment?
  • Aches and pains from spending hours in front of a computer screen?
  • Want to reduce sick leave and improve the well-being of your team?
  • Need to ‘recharge your batteries’ by the end of the day?
Gym Jargon Explained

Want to sound like you know what you're talking about in the gym? Take a look at our guide to Gym jargon...

Anaerobic training - As opposed to cardio, which aims to elevate your heart rate over extended periods of time; anaerobic training involves quick bursts of exercise. Anaerobic training is much shorter in duration than cardio exercises and some commonly used exercises include swimming, sprinting, resistance training and calisthenics.

10 Things You Need to Know About Joining a Gym

Before you commit yourself to an expensive gym contract, check out our top 10 tips for finding the right gym for you.

Would You Like A Little Caffeine With Your Workout?

Sometimes we all need a little boost to get us out of our chair and into the gym so what boosts are really beneficial to us before a workout? Coffee for one actually dehydrates you and if you do not drink enough water during your workout could leave you feeling dizzy and light headed.

Famous Porchester Spa re-opens
One of London oldest and most charming landmarks, the Porchester Spa, has now re-opened after a million pound refurbishment. With three Turkish hot rooms, two Russian steam rooms, a Fin Log sauna, ice sauna and ice cold plunge pool, plus a gym, swimming pool and wide range of exercise classes you couldn't ask for more.
How do I choose a gym?

Gyms can be expensive and under-used memberships are rarely refundable. So it's important to decide what gym features matter to you most. Before you put down money on a pricey gym membership, keep these points in mind and you'll know how to pick a gym that suits you.

The benefits of swimming
Swimming can often benefit those looking for a non-strenuous way to keep fit and healthy.
London gym offers midgets as weights

A GYM in London has replaced its dumbbells with human weights - including dwarves who shout encouragement to motivate exercise.

MRSA alert in gyms

A fresh warning over catching MRSA in gyms and health clubs is issued today. It comes after a woman died and at least 100 others were infected.

Be Aware Of Alcohol's Impact On Exercise And Health

A breakdown of the key facts regarding mixing alcohol with exercise:

Pay as you go Gyms

payasUgym offers customers the most cost effective way to visit the gym on a ‘pay-as-u-go’ basis at a location of their choice 

This January, most of us will be feeling the post-Christmas bulge and will head to the gym with the intention of shedding those extra pounds and getting back in shape. But year after year, the reality and distractions of everyday life soon take over and we can’t always get to the gym as much as we intend meaning our gym memberships are not giving us value for money.    

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