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New price comparison engine for pay as you go gyms launched

In April 2011, London's leading gym and health club guide, GymsinLondon.com, launched a new section for Pay as You Go Gyms. This new interactive page lets gym seekers compare the pay as you go prices of gyms in their London area. As an independent guide to gyms in London, the site does not get involved in selling memberships, but simply provides information to consumers in a clear and concise way.

About GymsinLondon.com

GymsinLondon.com was launched in 2008 to make looking for a gym or fitness centre easier. There are many categories for the user to search in to find the right gym, from Pay as You Go Gyms to Pilates studios, all fitness centres are listed in a user friendly and simple way.

Pay as You Go Go Go...

The increasing popularity of pay as you go gyms seems to be a combination of factors. The tough economic times we live in are forcing individuals and households to scrutinize their monthly outgoings more than ever. This is leading to a profound change in how gyms and health clubs operate. Traditionally, gyms would employ a marketing model based around targetting low use members, and have a membership far exceeding their capacity. This meant it was actually not in the gyms interest to encourage members to use facilties regularly, as this article explains. 

The Pay as you go gym approach turns this business model on it's head by putting commercial value on regular visits to the gym.  This is leading to new pro-active communications from gyms and fitness centres to actviely encourage its customers to pay to use facilities. This can only be good for the overall health of the nation.

GymsinLondon.com supports the pay as you go business model alongside the monthly membership approach. We are constanly developing our site to provide the clearest information to our visitors and helping to ensure our advertisers can be found easily. We like to think of ourselves as a matchmaker between gym and gym-seeker. 

Please feel free to contact us to discuss pay as you go gyms or anything else.

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