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Pay as you go Gyms

payasUgym offers customers the most cost effective way to visit the gym on a ‘pay-as-u-go’ basis at a location of their choice 

This January, most of us will be feeling the post-Christmas bulge and will head to the gym with the intention of shedding those extra pounds and getting back in shape. But year after year, the reality and distractions of everyday life soon take over and we can’t always get to the gym as much as we intend meaning our gym memberships are not giving us value for money.    


Each New Year, our wallets tighten as well as our clothes and people need to save in any possible way they can. Now, thanks to a revolutionary new service called ‘payasUgym’, gym users can do just that by literally paying for each visit they make and therefore totally taking control of their budgets.

payasUgym is a website which allows customers to search for gyms and pay for one-off visits when they actually want to go. Customers ‘load’ an online wallet and use the funds on a pay-as-you-go basis to buy ‘ePasses’ for a huge selection of participating gyms. With no need for cash or a gym card, payasUgym is simple to use. With no joining fees or membership there really are no strings attached and payasUgym is guaranteed to be the best value way to visit any of the participating gyms on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Launching on 21st January in London and the South East and later in 2011 across the UK, this unique programme quite literally means gym-goers can ‘pay-as-they-go’ by simply visiting the website www.payasUgym.com, creating a payasUgym account for free, locating a gym and purchasing an ePass which will be redeemed at the chosen gym’s reception to gain access. 

payasUgym is a flexible, affordable and convenient way for people to visit gyms and health clubs offering customers a range of workout options which vary by price, facility type, style and location. With a network of over 100 participating gyms in London and the commuter belt to choose from, and fast expanding, payasUgym enables users to choose a fitness centre at a place of convenience to them.  This may be near home, family and friends, the workplace or somewhere that they are passing through. And for people on-the-hop, the selection and payment process can all be done through a Smartphone APP initially available through iPhone. 

After an ongoing tough stint of the credit crunch, the UK population more than ever will be thinking carefully about how and where to spend their money.  With this innovative programme, keeping fit is made more affordable without any membership fee to pay or a standard monthly charge – customers can spend as little or as much as they want only paying for what gym time they use.  The cost of each visit varies from £5 to £35 depending on the individual gym and the services it offers as well as the time of visit depending on peak or off-peak usage.  


Another benefit of payasUgym is the wide variety of gyms that are part of the programme, ranging from top-end luxury health clubs where users can wile away hours relaxing to the practical gyms which are great for on-the-hop functional visits. Customers can go as often or little as they like taking advantage of the different activities and facilities on offer. Whether you’re a hectic ‘on-the-move’ office worker or a parent with a tight schedule with payasUgym there really is something for everybody.



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