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Axé Capoeira is one of the largest Capoeira organisations in the world.

Classes in the UK are taught by Marcus Cabeça and training focuses on all aspects of Capoeira - the fight, the game, acrobatics, music, and more.  

Marcus Cabeça teaches in and around West London – Acton; Hammersmith; Kingston Upon Thames (Surrey) & Twickenham – Kids (Surrey). Discounts for students and members are available. Classes from Monday to Saturday

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Opening hours:

Monday:              08.30  - 9.30
Tuesday:             3.45    - 4.45 
Tuesday:             8.00    - 9.30
       8.30    - 9.30  
Thursday:           8.00    - 9.30
Friday:                6.30     - 7.30

Saturdays:          5.00 - 6.30
Sundays:             Closed                                 

How to get there:

Arena Sports Centre - Kingston College
Kingston Hall Road, KT1 2AQ

L. View MAP Location
T. 07931 770 153

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