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Strictly Swimming offer sessions in The City

Try a One to One Session, Group Session or  Swim for Triathlon Course!

If you feel you are working hard in the water, and don’t seem to be getting the movement you expect, Strictly Swimming are equipped to bring out the efficient swimmer in you with scientific coaching!

During each session, your coach will work in the water with you, and develop progressive stroke drills by breaking down the whole stroke, which is more important in correcting your  technique than anything else. These isolated movements allow you to focus on problem areas and correct them to a much better degree. Once you have mastered your drills, you will be swimming your regular stroke much more efficiently.

All of Strictly Swimming’s top level coaches  have a background in Sports Science and are current or former competitive swimmers up to international level. This means that all the coaches have a better understanding and knowledge of the strokes as they can perform these skills to a high level themselves.

Times Available     Strictly Swimming will arrange a session that is convenient to you throughout the week.

Venues    Chelsea Football Club and CityPoint Club
For more information or to book a swimming session, please contact us:
07876 743 656

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